NOTE: Oji Paper (Thailand) Ltd. would like to inform that there is a counterfeited homepage in the name of "Onpapha Rattanapan(Thailand) Ltd." This homepage is not related to Oji Paper (Thailand) and Oji Holdings of Japan. If customer gets contact from any third party who arrogates Oji Paper, please kindly contact us. Best regards: Oji Paper (Thailand) Ltd. **Kindly note that Oji Paper (Thailand) Ltd. does not produce A4 copy paper**


With over than 150 years of history since establishment, Oji Holding Group has constantly been a leader in the pulp and paper industry of Japan. In the rapidly changing social conditions of the present, we will strive to realize unrestrained potential and further contribute to society through a proactive business development that reaches beyond the present boundaries of our business domains.

Oji Imaging Media (OIM) is the one of Major subsidiary of OJI HD who has managed Thermal Paper and business with it's subsidiaries such as Kanzan in Japan, KSP in U.S.A , OPE in Brazil and OPT in Thailand.

Oji Paper (Thailand) Ltd. was established in 1996 to manufacture premium quality carbonless paper and Thermal Paper in corporate with Japanese technology to serve both domestic and international markets.

Products from Oji Paper (Thailand) Ltd. are premium quality products manufactured by cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machinery. Attention is put in at all stages of production to obtain quality products which meet Oji Paper Group's standard and customer's demands.
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